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Local Forecasts

Environment Canada
The Weather Network
Terrace Terrace
Smithers Smithers
Prince Rupert Prince Rupert
Dease Lake
Prince George

Satellite Images

Geostationary Satellite Server
Global Hydrology and Climate Center
GOES Project Science
Select Photos - Best view of our region

Reddish-brown splotches in the following infrared image mean Rain & Snow

Western Canada Weather Satellite Photo (large Infrared - 183K)

The following visible image can only be viewed during daylight hours
Western Canada Weather Satellite Photo (large visible - 292K)

Space Weather

Road Reports

Min of Transportation & Highways 16/37 Road Report


Daily Tide and Current Predictions [These predictions are provided by Nautical Software, Inc. Select the port for which you desire predictions.]
Dept of Fisheries & Oceans Tide Predictions


Pacific Geoscience Centre in Sydney, B.C.
Pacific Northwest Earthquake Information

Air Quality Reports

Skeena Region Air Quality
Terrace Air Quality
Kitimat Air Quality
Air Quality Unit BC Environment Skeena Region

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