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Caledonia musical "State Fair" another great Success - Dec 7, 2002

Caledonia Students entertained Terrace audiences, playing to packed houses this weekend at the REM Lee theatre.

Hats off to all who helped make it happen. In spite of cutbacks, regional population loss, and general attempts by Victoria to de-emphasise arts programs in the schools, local students again showed through their hard work that there is more to education than just "basics" and corporatization as recent "non-think tanks" would like us to believe. The bonus for Terrace residents is a display of talent showing us all that at least a very substantial number of our communities young people care to go the extra mile.

We at Kermode Net salute these ambassadors of the next generation along with their mentors, the hard working teachers and volunteers that again helped make this production such a success.

Enough words for now - let the pictures tell the story. (Sorry for those of you that missed it - we can't post the sound-track due to copyright reasons).

Caledonia Secondary Musical

"State Fair" Photos (Dec 7, 2002)

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Caledonia students entertain a packed house at the REM Lee Theatre Saturday December 9 with their annual musical.
Cal students entertain a full house

Following are some of the photos - click on the thumbnails to see full pictures - captions to follow later in the week.
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