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Clarence Michiel Report-April


Our PAC hosted our first annual Family Dance and Dessert Night on Thursday, March 7 and it was a great success. Thank you to Mr. Halfyard for organizing all the music and lights and thank you to all parents and their children who attended and supported this event. The next meeting of our Parent Advisory Council will be Tuesday, April 2 at 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm in our library. All parents are welcome to attend. Please contact the school for more information.


All students who received all "Bıs" or higher in all their subjects and received no "Nıs" in Work Habits during our last reporting period have qualified for our Honour Roll. Congratulations and well done.


Ashton Kandola, Jordana Fairbairn, Craig Mills, Jasdeep Basanti, Kyla Baker, Manbir Sanhu, Marcus Harris, Stephanie Venus, Reid turner, Dylan Battle, Branden Beaupre, Deklan Corstanje, Cam Hundal, Bailey Neufeld, Mike Parmar, Fidele Point, Ranbir Kalan, Kieran Griffith, Sahir Gill, Grant Dusdal, Kristi Deamaral, Lesley Beddie, Alaina Archibald, Steve Anderson, Taurian Grauman


Jesse Grewal, Rachel Wright, Eric McColl, Jordan Tran, Orri Greaves, Kirandeep Kalan, Angus MacPherson, Kayla McColl, Erin Bailey, Curtis Bolton, Lee Muir, Billy Collier, Kirsten Klein, Navjit Uppal, Savannah White, Kate Ross, Mathew Eakin, Ryan Christianson


Kyle Cote, Annu Grewal, Emily Wright, Kent Morrison, Nigel Hepburn, Katie Parr, Jessica Bowal, Amanveer Cheema, Cassie Dusdal, Anthony Huffman, David Penner, Raj Saran, Lisa LaPointe, Jamie Oates, Lovepret Sandhu, Rianna Straw, Reid Walker


Kristen Wood, Jagdeep Birk, Evan Dusdal, Elizabeth Horner, Parminder Kalan, Kelsey Minhinnick, Scott Rosentreter, Mary Warner, Jeremy Harris, Praveen Parmar, Amy Peltier, Siobhan Sloan McMullen, Megan Moi, Kassie Beaupre, Richard Anderson, Harpreet Bowal, Amanda Godlinski, Sheldon Paulson


Our basketball teams ended their season on a most positive note. Congratulations to all our teams and well done: Grade 7 Boys 1st; Grade 7 Girls - 1st and 3rd; Grade 6 Boys - 1st; and, Grade 6 Girls - 2nd and 3rd. Thank you to the coaches for all their efforts on behalf our our students: Mr. Green, Gr. 7 girls; Mr. Gook/Terry Bal, Gr. 6 boys; Mr. Holkestad, Gr. 7 boys; and, Mrs. and Mr. Monture, Gr. 6 girls.


Friday, March 29 - Good Friday

Monday, April 1 - Easter Monday

Friday, May 3rd - Non-instructional Day

Clarence Michiel Elementary School, Terrace
4/17/2002 3:34:00 PM (PST)

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