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Nov 16, 2002, Talstra returned as Mayor - also 4 incumbent councillors

Civic election turnout was lighter than last time around, especially the school board race. Following are Terrace and district results 11:30 Sat. City Of Terrace


* Jack Talstra ELECTED 2,004 vs Bob Erb 254


* Marylin Davies ELECTED 1,538

*Lynne Christiansen ELECTED 1,506

*Rich McDaniel ELECTED 1,431

*David Hull ELECTED 1,259

Stew Christensen ELECTED 1,140

Carol LeClerc ELECTED 1,138

Don Coburn 1,112

*Ron Vanderlee 1,070

Allen McIntyre 1,032

Rusty Ljungh 775

Coast Mountain School District #82


*Diana Penner ELECTED 1,653

Nicole Bingham ELECTED 1,503

*Hal Stedham ELECTED 1,103

Mike Maxim 809

Paul Sametz 644


Lorrie Gowen ELECTED 139

* Gary Turner 100 Hazelton

Jessica Mikolayczyk Leading with 10 of 11 polls reporting 405

*Pieter Weeber 255 Regional District all by acclamation.

11/17/2002 5:09:47 AM (PST)

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