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Fire causes heavy smoke damage to one Willow's suite

A fire at the Willows Apartments for seniors at about 3:11 this afternoon resulted in little fire damage but a lot of smoke damage to one suite on the ground floor. The smell of burned plastic permeates the hallways in all three levels of the building.

Deputy fire chief Fred Burroughs says it appears the fire began in the oven of the suite. When the apartment manager smelled smoke and went to check, paper on the gyproc behind the stove was beginning to burn but it never really took hold. Burroughs says he's not sure at this time exactly what started the fire, but there was a meal in the oven and a strong smell of burned plastic.

Two residents were taken to hospital by ambulance, one with what was believed to be smoke inhalation and another with a respitory ailment that may have been caused by the smoke. Their condition was not believed to be serious.

Thu Sep 13 16:57:29 PDT 2001

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