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Riverboat Days Parade

PHOTOS by Rainer Giannelia
PHOTOS by Alice Kellar

The Riverboat Days Parade was as grand as ever, and this year we didn't even need the Terrace and Thornhill fire departments to spray an appreciative crowd with water. It rained!

In spite of the rain, though, spectators numbered in the thousands as we've seen in years past when the sky was blue and the sun was bright. The most common spectator comment was: "It was a quiet parade. What happened to the music?" In part, perhaps, the rain shorted out all the ghetto blasters.

Although all the parade entries were winners, those listed below were selected as the best entries for 2001arade Winners

  • Best Overall
    1. Riverside Festival
  • Non-Commercial
    1. Skeena Valley Rotary
    2. Northwest Community College
    3. Royal Canadian Legion Branch 13
  • Commercial
    1. City of Terrace
    2. Terrace and District Credit Union
    3. West Fraser Forest Products
    4. Honourable Mention: Northern Savings Credit Union
  • Groups
    1. Happy Gang Centre
    2. Terrace-Kitimat Shrine Club
    3. Terrace Stock Car Club
  • Vehicles
    1. Heritage Park
    2. Canada Post
    3. Dale Manary

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