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Riverboat Days: First annual Ruins/McBike Skateboard and BMX Contest

Contributed by Tara at Ruins Board Shop — There were over 200 spectators waiting and the energy was building by two o’clock for the skate and BMX contest to begin. Big clouds loomed overhead as we started with the BMX preliminaries. By three o’clock it was raining too much for the skateboard contest to go ahead. The skateboard portion of the contest was pushed ahead to noon on Monday, August 6.

The BMX riders were consulted and agreed to ride the Finals in the rain. It was awesome, and for the first time in Terrace the freestyle BMXer’s got to showcase their sport, and local riders showed us how talented they really are!!!

Monday August 6, we set up again to run the skateboard contest. While it was cloudy all day, Mother Nature co-operated and stayed dry. The contest was a go by noon and was enjoyed by all! Each rider got a one-minute run in the skate park. They were judged by three judges for style, technical abilities, consistency and use of the park.

First place in the open (expert category) was claimed by 15-year-old Bob Middleton of Terrace who picked up $50 plus a complete skateboard worth over $200.

After the skate contest, for fun, we ran a Highest Ollie Contest (or who can jump the highest over an obstacle) for a new skateboard. Brett Batjer of Terrace won easily, clearing over three feet.

Then there was time for one more fun contest, Chance Downer was chosen by the crowd for doing the best trick.

Many volunteers gave their time on Sunday and Monday to make the events happen. Ruins Board Shop coordinated all the events and provided all the prizes for the skateboard contest. McBike coordinated the judging and provided all the prizes for the BMX contest.

Ruins and McBike will be sure to bring Terrace more joint-events to showcase Terrace’s best riders!!!!! We had so much fun, and invite all spectators and competitors to our Second Annual contest during Riverboat Days next year.

Skateboard Contest Results

12 and under

  • 1st Kurtis Spalding
  • 2nd Brandon Lewis
  • 3rd Marshall Van Horne

13-15 years

  • 1st Jamie Scarborough
  • 2nd Peter Ridler
  • 3rd Lanny Scott
  • 4th Danny Parnell
  • 5th Terrance Bateman

19 and over

  • 1st Ben Weston
  • 2nd Shane Macdonald
  • 3rd Chris Zeigler

Open (Expert)

  • 1st Bob Middleton
  • 2nd Lewis Muldoe
  • 3rd Ben Weston
  • 4th Joel Dufresne
  • 5th Micheal Chow

BMX Results

12 and under

  • 1st Drew Inkster
  • 2nd Nathan Soucie

13-15 years

  • 1st Mad Mat Fee
  • 2nd Brent Webb
  • 3rd Jason Mattenly

16 and over

  • 1st Chris Webb
  • 2nd Garry Hannes
  • 3rd Shaun Funk

Overall Run

Best overall riders competed for a Gary Fisher BMX bike frame provided by Mc Bike.

  • Best overall rider: Mat Fee
  • 2nd overall: Chris Webb

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