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Riverboat Days Treasure Hunt a popular event

It was a great day for a walk . . . A beautiful place to take one . . . And the second annual Skeena Valley Rotary Club's Ferry Island Treasure Hunt brought it all together.

By the Time the event was over, somewhere around 500 to 600 parents and kids had taken the tour (up about 20% from last year). There were great sites to see; Three Men in a Tub, and Ogopogo among them.

There were clues hanging in trees, too, and anyone who got all the right answers went into a draw for five great prizes. This year's winners were:

  • Traci Lablonde
  • Sharon Wright
  • Reggie and Leon Moffat
  • Traci, Itani and Tayler Burkholder
  • Joey Turner

We'll post plenty of photos soon

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