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The Class of 2001

Kermode Net Inc. congratulates the Caledonia Senior Secondary Class of 2001 Yesterday's youth . . . Tomorrow's promise.

If there are any errors or omissions, please e-mail, or phone us at 635-3444.

You can also e-mail if you would like us to add a sentence or two below your photo . . . How about the topic: The future as I see it. That's only a suggestion, of course. Use the subject "grad" and please include your phone number so we can confirm your words are really yours if we think they're a little off-beat.

Click here to have a look at Caledonia Awards 2001.

UPDATE (June 28, 2001): Thanks to Caledonia's Robin McLeod, we've made several changes to make this the most accurate public record there is. Several photos have been removed, and there are many to add. We're looking for photos of the following Caledonia grads:

  • Lance Armstrong
  • Melissa Beaupre
  • Joshua Benson
  • Michael Botelho
  • Devin Craig
  • Jason Cutler
  • Cordial Eckert
  • Camille Fagan
  • Rocky Fraser
  • Jennifer Friel
  • Marc Gagnon
  • Charles Gair
  • Jordan Gerstmar
  • Tyler Hailey
  • Michael Holland
  • Joanna Keating
  • Gary Kerbrat
  • Frank Landry
  • Kyle Long
  • Katrina Malenfant
  • Derek Matthews
  • Sara McRae
  • Michael Randrup
  • Pamela Raymond
  • Timothy Roders
  • Surawut Sahaphanchalerm
  • Ryan Simons
  • Candilee Skog
  • Camilla Stewart
  • Chad Sutherland
  • Micheal Van Herd
  • Talia White
Sorry we didn't get it right the first time. We trusted the school annual. Your names will be added to the photo list as soon as possible, we hope with a photo.

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