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Canada Day 2001

We toured the town to see what we could find, and Canada Day 2001 in Terrace brought us both the expected and unexpected.

The firefighters pancake breakfast to raise money for the B.C. Professional Firefighters Burn Fund was our first stop. And what it a stop it was. There was a lot more to do than just eat, and the kids had a great time . . . For nearly three hours.

The next stop in our tour was the unexpected discovery of kid's games in George Little Park. That was quite a stop too, for another couple of hours.

The final stop of our Canada Day celebration in Terrace was Heritage Park where we knew things were going to be happening. Unfortunately our first two stops didn't allow us to arrive at Heritage Park before things began winding down.

Oh, well. Next year, we'll change the order of our stops in our search for things to do on Canada Day.

Until then, we hope you enjoy the photo feature we've been able to put together in an effort to capture the spirit of Canada Day 2001.

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