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Riverboat Days: Skeena Valley Emergency Services Challenge


The 4th annual Skeena Valley Emergency Services Challenge was organized and manned by Thornhill volunteer firefighters and spouses. The event attracted a sizeable crowd, and besides being entertaining, it demonstrated some of the rigors these guys have to go through both in training and on the job.

These Thornhill guys are in good shape. That might explain the lack of competition. Where were the Terrace firefighters? And BCAS paramedics? And RCMP officers? Competition too tough?

With those questions thrown to the wind, the challenge is out. Everyone wants to know if there are any emergency personnel out there willing to take on the Thornhill firefighters in the 5th annual Skeena Valley Emergency Services Challenge in 2002. We certainly hope so. Competition adds spectator enjoyment to any sporting event.

This year, the Bears topped The Better Halves and The Mixers who tied for second. Young Guns placed fourth. Here are the teams:

First Place: Bears

Capt. Peter Martinson
Capt. Dave Bjorkman
F/F Michael Graup
F/F Walter Bhenke
F/F Rod Sterling

Second Place:

The Better Halves (firefighter wives and girlfriends)
Kelly Moore
Niki Boehm
Jess Kelso
Sandra Pratt
Donna Hull

The Mixers
Capt. Rick Boemn
F/F Lisa Haugland
F/F James Ball
Heather Munroe
F/F Angela Allemann

Fourth Place: Young Guns

Jarred Langille
Jordan Warren
Cole Nystrom
F/F Claude Rioux
Chief Mike Moore


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