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Miles Inn
on the T'seax

P.O. Box 230
New Aiyansh, BC, Canada
V0J 1A0

Phone: (250) 633-2636
Or call toll-free 1-800-553-1199
Fax: (250) 633-2699
Send email to

Country Inn, Bed and Breakfast, situated in the Beautiful Nass Valley, overlooking the Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park, 100 kilometres north of Terrace, B.C. We are also only four hours from Prince Rupert where the B.C. and Alaska ferries cruise the Inside Passage. World Class fishing, Charters on the Nass River or to the Ocean, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Kayak the Nass to Prince Rupert, or just plain relax on a Retreat.

T'seax river If fishing is the thing you would most like to do, come and fish the T'seax River. As one visitor said "I consider this to be one of the top three rivers in the world." Salmon of course is the fish and you can take your choice depending on what is in season. Fly fishing is a major must for our visitors and they just rave at the opportunities in the area. If you prefer you may visit one of the lakes and fish for trout.

 The geographical location enables you to visit the most recent Lava flow in Canadian history. Two hundred and fifty years ago the volcano (now extinct) spewed its contents over a large area of the valley. A hike to the crater or other walks will take you into wilderness areas or alpine meadows.

Aiyansh town hall Wildlife abounds and the Bald Eagles soar above the river waiting for their choice morsel which is swimming up stream.

Totem pole The local Nisga'a Indians will welcome you to the villages of the Nass and Totem poles can be seen in each village. Local art in the form of jewelry or as big as masks can be obtained from the local artists.

If rock climbing is your thing, then there are many ascents in the coastal range, most of which are first ascents. Obviously the right equipment and clothing should be used.

The weather in the summer can range from 15 to 28C so summer time is pleasantly warm and we can guarantee a breeze in the evening.

After your busy day and before or after an evening meal you may wish to relax in the Hot Tub before a pleasant nights sleep with nothing but the song of the birds to put you to sleep and awaken you. Two rooms have Queen size beds with en suite.

 Breakfast is included in the accommodation for the night and it is always the guest's choice for breakfast.

If you wish to smoke please do so outside.  Please do not smoke in the Inn. We do hope your stay will be the most pleasant of memories and a trip you will never forget.

Rates: Bed and Breakfast: $80.00 double and $65.00 single. Plus G.S.T.7% and Hotel Room Tax 8%.

Your comments are important to us. To access our guest book, please click on the picture of the kermode bear.  



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