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Safe Kids Week is June 3-9 — Do your kids play safe? – 5/31/2002 4:59:03 PM

On June 3 through June 7, the Kitimat RCMP will be assisting the Public Health nurses from the Northern Health Authority with their Safe Kids Week initiative. The focus, according to S/Sgt. K.T. Auld, will be on wheeled sports, in particular sports requiring the use of helmets. …Full Story. More Stories…

Kitimat RCMP busy keeping Kitimat safe – 5/31/2002 3:50:24 PM

The Kitimat RCMP detachment responded to 44 calls for assistance over the past week. …Full Story. More Stories…

Spot the Student – 5/31/2002 9:20:46 AM

Each day next week, the Hire-A-Student dummy will be hidden in a local business. If you spot him, be the first person to call the Summer Employment Officers and you will win the daily prize.…Full Story. More Stories…

The flood threat is over . . . We hope – 5/30/2002 9:29:42 PM

A rapidly rising Skeena River peaked this afternoon, and that was good news for Terrace area residents living in flood plain areas. Areas such as Skeena Street in the southwest corner of the city where the Skeena was within about 2.5 feet of overflowing its banks. …Full Story. More Stories…

Local businessman named to B.C. Chamber board – 5/30/2002 7:32:54 PM

Local businessman, Justin Rigsby, was named as a District 13/14 director to the board of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce at their Annual General Meeting in Fort St. John on May 23. …Full Story. More Stories…

FLOOD POTENTIAL UPDATE, MAY 30, 2002 – 5/30/2002 4:30:56 PM

Mountain snowpacks throughout the province continue to melt at a moderate rate. Medium size and larger rivers are rising in response to the snowmelt and light showers/occasional rain which is occurring over most of the province. Rivers in the northwest of the province continue to run veryhigh. The Bulkley River at Smithers is at bank full this morning and is expected to begin to flood the low lying areas around Smithers sometime today. The Skeena River has risen 1 metre in the last 24 hours and could hit the first alert level by tonight. Other major rivers, particularly the major tributaries of the Fraser River above Prince George continue to rise in response to snowmelt. The River Forecast Centre is expected to issue an update on the flood potential for the major rivers of the province later today. In the southern Interior high flows continue on the Nicola River at Merritt as maximum releases are made from the Nicola Lake Dam in an attempt to reduce storage. The Bonaparte River at Cache Creek continues to run at bank full and several other small streams and rivers continue to run high due to snowmelt runoff. No significant precipitation has been reported in any region over the past few days and none is forecast through the weekend.


Most of the province is dominated by a cool unstable air mass which is bringing showers and occasional thundershowers to most regions. Temperatures have been near seasonal normals throughout the week and this has moderated the melting of the mountain snowpack. In the northwest cooler temperatures overnight last night slowed the rate of snowmelt in that region. As we approach the weekend temperatures in the southern part of the province are expected to rise a few degrees and a drying trend is forecast. Showers remain in the forecast for much of the northwest and north central regions of the province but temperatures are expected to rise there as well. No area of the province is forecast to receive any significant precipitation over the next few days.


The middle and upper elevation snowpacks have continued to melt throughout the week. Temperature patterns have been near to slightly below normal in most regions so the mountain snowpacks have been melting at a moderate rate. The high runoff from melting snow is due to the above normal snow cover area in many of the larger river basins. As snowline elevations climb the rate of snowmelt runoff will begin to decline assuming no significant changes in the weather. The current 5 day forecasts are calling for a slight rise in daytime temperatures for most regions. This may increase the rate of snowmelt slightly as the weekend approaches.


High flows continue along the mainstem of the Bulkley River and its major tributaries. Cooler temperatures overnight last night appear to have reduced the snowmelt runoff somewhat. The Bulkley River at Houston hit a peak of 7.54 metres late last night and is down to 7.50 metres this morning and dropping slightly. The Telkwa River has dropped 3 cm in the past 24 hours however it does experience diurnal fluctuations so higher daytime peaks are expected. The Bulkley River at Smithers has reached bank full this morning and some flooding of the low areas around Smithers is anticipated today. Given the upstream conditions on the Bulkley River, the river at Smithers is expected to peak sometime today and either hold or decline slightly over the next 24 hours. This assumes that there will be no significant precipitation in the region. While none is currently in the forecast, the unstable air in the region makes precipitation forecasting very unreliable. The Skeena River continued to rise through the night and into early this morning. The gauge at Usk shows a 1 metre rise over the last 24 hours. The Skeena River at Glen Vowell also shows a continued rise. If the Skeena River at Usk continues to rise at its current rate, it could hit the first alert level of 5000 cubic metres/sec later tonight. Forecasts issued earlier this week indicated the Skeena could peak today. A forecast update for the Skeena River flows for the next few days is expected from the River Forecast Centre later today. Weather and river conditions in this region will be tracked continuously throughout the weekend.


All major tributaries to the upper Fraser River (upstream of Prince George)continue to rise and run at above normal levels. Snowmelt runoff continues to feed these rivers and with warming temperatures for the weekend, runoff from the mountain snowpack is expected to continue. There is little precipitation in the forecast for the upper Fraser River Basin through the weekend. River levels in the South Peace River continue to rise due to snowmelt runoff driven by seasonal normal temperatures. Some precipitation has been occurring in the Pine Pass area but this does not appear to be causing excessive runoff. No major flooding issues are expected through the weekend in the Northeast and Cariboo region, assuming no significant rainfall. High runoff in the small streams and rivers which are fed by middle and high elevation snowmelt can be expected and lake levels should remain quite high or continue to increase for the foreseeable future. Forecasts for the Fraser River and its major tributaries are expected later today from the River Forecast Centre.


Major rivers in the southeast region continue to be fed by runoff from the melting of the mountain snowpack. Warming temperatures and a continuation of light showers are forecast for the weekend in the southeast. Major rivers are continuing to rise and are expected to continue to rise throughout the weekend. Small rivers of the region which are fed by middle and high elevation snowmelt may reach high flows again over the weekend as temperatures are expected to reach the 22 to 25C range. No major flooding issues are expected from the small creeks and rivers assuming no significant precipitation in the region. The River Forecast Centre will issue an updated forecast for the Elk River later today.


Snowmelt runoff continues to cause problems on some of the medium sized rivers in the region. The Nicola River at Merritt is experiencing very high flows due to high releases from the Nicola Dam. High flows and local flooding problems will likely persist here throughout the weekend as snowmelt runoff and localized precipitation continues to fill the Nicola Lake reservoir. In spite of the high releases the reservoir level continues to rise slowly. The Bonaparte River continues to create local flooding problems in the Cache Creek area. This basin should be close to running out of snow and assuming no significant precipitation, flows in the Bonaparte should begin to drop over the weekend. Many of the other smaller rivers of the region which are fed by low and middle elevation snowmelt should also begin to decline soon as their snowpacks are close to being exhausted. The larger rivers of the region such as the Shuswap and the North and South Thompson continue to rise in response to the continued high elevation snowmelt. The River Forecast Centre will issue an update for the major rivers of this region later today.

The River Forecast Centre will issue a forecast update for the major river systems of the province later today. That update can be found at:

Full Story. More Stories…

Two head-on collisions keep Terrace Fire and Rescue busy – 5/30/2002 11:59:06 AM

Terrace Fire and Rescue responded to two head-on collision traffic incidents yesterday. The first occurred in the intersection at the north end of the Sande Overpass, the second on the Nisga'a Highway at Lean-To Creek about 12 kilometers north of Terrace. …Full Story. More Stories…

Fire destroys Jake Penner sawmill – 5/29/2002 10:57:49 PM

Fire destroyed the Jake Penner cedar shingle sawmill in Jackpine Flats last evening . According to Thornhill Volunteer Fire Department assistant fire chief Mike Moore, the fire destroyed several buildings and a fork lift, causing an estimated $500,000 in damage plus the loss of employment for nine people who worked at the mill. In addition, two firefighters sustained minor injuries while fighting the fire. …Full Story. More Stories…

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Showing articles: 105 to 112 of 503

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