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42nd Annual Terrace Rotary Auction Has another successful conclusion.

Posted @ 11/3/2002 10:57:53 AM (PST)

The annual huge Terrace Rotary Auction ended on a high note with the big item, the all-expenses trip donated by Elan Travel, Air Canada Vactions and Air Jazz Trip for two from Terrace to Puerto Vallarta including 7 nights at the all inclusive Plaza Pelicanos Resort selling for $3,500. This was a bargain that a few people missed with its pre-auction value set at $3,689.

The final Wind-down hour was very productive for the Rotary club with many items fetching higher than their pre-auction list value.

The final total will not likely be available until tomorrow, however one Rotary member indicated that the club anticipates a net over $30,000.00 after all expenses on a book value of $57,000.00 in donated items.


Terrace and regional residents listened or watched the action on Cable 10, MIX 590 AM, or CFNR 92.1 FM.

Regional Listeners can hear it live through any of CFNR's 60 plus broadcast locations throught BC or CANADA-WIDE via STAR CHOICE.

and for the first time in the history of the terrace rotary auction, Terrace expatriates and other worlwide friends of Terrace can tune in WORLD-WIDE via the Kermode Net - CFNR audio webcast. For details on the auction visit the Terrace Rotary Club's comprehensive website:

  • LIVE BID LINE: 1-250-638-1100
  • 400 plus items for Sale!

    Why bid?

  • - you may get a great bargain on somthing you may need or something to give to that hard-to-buy-for special someone on your christmas list.
  • - you give the Rotary Club funds for their many good causes.
  • - you owe it to yourself and your neighbours to recycle as many hard-won dollars to keep Terrace the great city it is!!!(forgive the editorial comment but in these tough times we need to be reminded that we're all in this together)
  • - It's the right thing to do

    If you are in Terrace, catch the action live at the Coast Inn of the West banquet room.

    If you can't get there here is the complete RECAP of the most comprehensive media coverage of the auction ever:


  • Terrace & the Northwest:- CABLE 10 - Courtesy MONARCH CABLE


  • Local & Skeena/Kalum Valley - Courtesy MIX 590 AM, or CFNR 92.1 FM
  • BC-Wide: - Courtesy CFNR 92.1 FM (see for the MAP and frequencies)
  • Canada-Wide:- Courtesy CFNR on STAR CHOICE
  • World-wide:- Courtesy CFNR or then click CFNR audio

    WORLD-WIDE WEB auction links

  • Courtesy Terrace Rotary
    Courtesy Tod Strachan (periodic live updates on action - comprehensive listing of items)

  • Courtesy Kermode Net Inc.


  • Rotary Club auction book
  • The Terrace Standard

    So c'mon Terrace - If over 400 hardnosed business competitors can set aside rivalries to work together - you too can do your bit and have fun while helping out.

    This has been a public service notice from KERMODE NET INC.

    11/3/2002 10:57:53 AM (PST)

    Copyright © 2002 by Kermode Net Inc. Click for printer-friendly version

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