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Subscriptions to Kermode.Net

One time $20 signup fee includes all of the following:

  • Setup of account including one email address
  • Free startup shareware

Additional optional $30.00 installation fee:

  • On-site or in shop installation
  • 1/2 hour one-on-one mini-lesson

Two Great Rate Plans:

Plan A - Monthly for frequent users

  • Monthly fees must be prepaid.
  • $1.00/hour for each hour over 100 in the month.
  • No "banking" of monthly hours - full month must be paid regardless of usage.
  • Initial fractional month to be charged at $1/day.
Basic monthly Up to 100 hours/month for $28.95 per month.
Family1 Up to 200 hours/month for $55.00 per month
Family2 Up to 300 hours/month for $80.00 per month
Quarterly payment plan Pre-purchase 3 months of up to 100hours/month for $70 per quarter (save over $65 per year)

Plan B - Hourly for the frugal surfer

  • Hourly fees must be prepaid.
  • Any over hours from a previous block will be deducted automatically from the next block.
  • Unused hours carry forward from month to month.
  • There is no minimum monthly usage rquirement.
  • There are no additional monthly fees.
  • Ideal for those customers that use 10-15 hours per month.
  • Time must be used or banked before switching to another plan
30 Hour Block of Time $60
60 Hour Block of Time $90
120 Hour Block of Time $150

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