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Web Pages

Do you want to advertise to...
Millions around the world
Tens of thousands throughout BC
Thousands in the Northwest

Call Kermode Net Inc. at (250) 635-3444 and we can prepare World Wide Web Pages for your business.

If your message is simple enough you can advertise to the world for less cost than the equivalent space in your local newspaper, or on your local T.V.

We can perform all aspects of web page publishing from initial design through final assembly to hosting on our web server,


Business Starter Page $9900 preparation
3 graphics plus 1 text screen up to 300 words and 1 email response link.

Quadpack $27500 preparation
Starter page with hyperlinks to 3 additional content pages, maximum total 6 graphics + 900 words text.

Custom Contracts
(more than 4 pages, large amounts of graphics, java, forms)
$7500/hour preparation
Estimates provided in advance.

Ongoing Page Maintenance & Updates $7500/hour
Half hour minimum. Estimates provided in advance.


Web Site Size Commerical Sites Non-Profit Personal
(MB) Monthly Annual Annual Annual
< 1 $2500 $18000 $9000 $3000
1 - 5 $3500 $39000 $19500 $7000
5 - 10 $5000 $45000 $22500  
Greater than 10 $500/MB/month $5000/MB/year    

FREE Features included in basic commerical web site rental:

  • Free link from the Featured Pages page.
  • Free link from the Alphabetical Business Directory.
  • Free link from at least one Business Category Listing.
  • No setup fee for creating web site directory.


CA Registry - [] $9000/year
INTERNIC Registry - [ (or .org)] $14000/year
Note: The annual fee includes all correspondence and application processing, payment of registry fees, and setup of the web site under the virtual domain. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for registration processing. The fee does not include email under the virtual domain (see below for email costs).  
Domain email setup & first 4 addresses
[ (or .com or .org)]
Additional email addresses over the first four $2000/year/address
Note: Virtual domain emails are only available if you have a registered domain name (see above).  


400KB web site, no domain name. Site URL is
Total rental cost: $2500/month or $18000/year (note you save $12000/year by purchasing annually).
4.7MB web site, domain name under CA Registry. Site URL is
Total rental cost: $48000/year ($9000annual domain mgt. fee + $39000 space rental).
4.7MB web site, domain name under INTERNIC Registry. Site URL is
(or .org)
Total rental cost: $53000/year ($14000annual domain mgt. fee + $39000 space rental).
4.7MB web site, domain name under INTERNIC Registry. Site URL is
plus 10 email addresses as (or .org)
Total rental cost: $75000/year ($14000annual domain mgt. fee + $39000 space rental +
$10000 mail server (virtual domain and first 4 addresses) + $12000 for 6 extra addresses).


Hot Buttons on the Homepage $5000/month/button
Note: To ensure Maximum Impact for your message, the Homepage will be limited to only three (3) corporate hot button sponsors per month.
Hot Buttons on other pages $2500/month/button
Note: All other pages are limited to two (2) corporate hot buttons per page.
Alphabetical Business Directory banner $2500/month/banner
Note: There is a limit to one (1) corporate banner per page.
Enhanced Business Directory listing $2500/year
Includes complete address information, email hotlink and web page hotlink no matter WHERE on the web your page is, PLUS up to 10 keywords to help search engines find your listing.


As the most experienced web hosting and design team in Northwestern BC, we at RGS Internet Services Ltd. can provide your company with a wide variety of web hosting and design services. Please contact your sales representative for a review of your needs so we can ensure you receive the most cost effective package.


  1. Site renter takes full legal responsibility for any site content or actions occurring on site.
  2. All sites may be reviewed by RGS Internet Services Ltd. as to suitability of content.
  3. Personal page rates are resticted to Kermode subscribers only. Personal pages may not advertise or promote ANY commercial product or service.
  4. Commercial sites wanting monthly rates must commit to a minimum of three (3) months rental.
  5. A rate of $7500/hour will apply to custom maintenance assistance beyond basic setup.

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