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Bus Schedule

Note (from 2011-07-15): Seaport Limousine still exists, but they no longer carry passengers, only freight.

Seaport Limousine serves as the only scheduled transportation service to and from Stewart B.C. The following schedule is operated.


Schedule #1 Place of Departure Schedule #2
10:00 Stewart B.C. 21:00
Flag Stop Meziadin Hwy Camp Flag Stop
Flap stop Meziadin Jct. B.C. Flag Stop
11:15 Elsworth Camp B.C. 20:00
12:50 Kitwanga Junction 18:00
2:00 Terrace B.C. 17:00

Pickup service is also avalible from Hyder Ak., and the Terrace Airport.

Stewart - Terrace

One way Fare - $28.70
Children 12 and under - One-half fare

200 Mile Express Rates, All Points

0-2 lbs $6.95 3-10 lbs $7.95 11-20 lbs $8.95 21-30 lbs $9.95
31-40 lbs $10.95 41-60 lbs $12.95 61-80 lbs $14.95 81-100 lbs $16.95

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