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4929 Keith Avenue, Terrace, British Columbia
Telephone 250-635-6170 or Fax 250-635-6176
Toll Free 1-888-821-2211
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You must be satisfied. If we sell it . . . we guarantee it!

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Cedarland Tire has two fully licensed mechanics on staff that service all your vehicles mechanical needs. Our expert staff are well trained in front end alignments, brakes, shocks, struts, and mufflers. We provide FREE SAFETY CHECKS and estimates on front end vehicle repairs. Telephone (250) 635-6151 or e-mail us for more information or an appointment.

Auto enthusiasts know that tires and performance go hand-in-hand. But beyond that, a customized vehicle, complete with aftermarket wheels and a suspension upgrade mean your car takes on its own identity and performs to new standards.

Cedarland Tire Service Ltd. installs and services shocks, brakes, struts, and mufflers. Our fully licenced mechanics will do a FREE Safety Check for you and your vehicle's safety. Telephone (250) 635-6151 or e-mail us for more information.

Gabriel Shocks

Gabriel Shocks full range of shock absorbers and struts has just the right product to meet your comfort and control needs for your vehicle. Softer, more comfortable ride on smooth roads. Improved handling during emergency lane changes and other situations requiring increased control. Superior control on rough roads. Increased control during panic stops. Greater stability with heavy loads.


If your vehicle pulls to one side, you may need an alignment. By keeping your vehicle in proper alignment, you can avoid unstable handling and uneven treadwear. An alignment will help you get a longer life from your steering system, suspension and tires. Cedarland Tire offers computerized alignments that make sure your wheels are parallel, your steering wheel is centered and your vehicle is set straight.


Walker Exhaust Systems

Walker fits perfectly, everytime - no dangerous leaks, rattles, no drumming, sound resonance or unsightly protrusions - all pipes are bent in accordance with your vehicles specification design standard. Walker Mufflers and Exhaust Systems have a thicker more effective level of alluminisation to provide maximum protection against rust and corrosion on the inside and out. Walker is safer, quieter, environmentally friendly and complies with all noise pollution emission control levels. A Walker system will also improve your fuel economy and assures you of peak engine efficiency. Don't settle for anything less than a Walker.

Exide Batteries
Power When You Need It

Exide offers the most extensive line of automotive batteries in the world-with sizes and power levels to fit 97 percent of vehicles on the road today. Whether you drive an economy car, a luxury sedan, a classic muscle machine or anything in between, we've got your battery. Exide's industry-leading engineering and manufacturing expertise give our batteries consistent performance and exceptional life. High cranking capacity, high reserve power, plus a heavy-duty construction that resists damaging vibration and punishing temperature extremes mean you can count on our batteries to start when it's cold, run when it's hot, and never let you down.

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