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Let the Kal Tire experts help you make your tire selection!

Many performance factors are involved in every tire model manufactured. These factors vary between patterns and can be less or more important to the consumer based on use of the product and driving needs.

It is very common with most tire brands that in order to achieve benefits in one area they may have to sacrifice benefits in another area. For example, if a particular tire offers long mileage, it may obtain less traction; or if a particular tire offers good traction, then noise levels may increase on dry pavement.

The Kal Tire professionals can help you with your choice of tire depending on your vehicle type and driving sytle. Email us for more information on tire selection.


Good Traction

Benefits: Safety in areas where traction is required, performance when conditions dictate traction is needed.
Trade-Offs: Noise levels on dry pavement may increase. Mileage received may decrease. Change over to alternative tread design in dry weather is recommended.
Type: Seasonal
Conditions: Snow

Low Rolling Resistance

Benefits: Improved fuel mileage. May provide longer tread life.
Trade-Offs: May provide less traction.
Type: Seasonal
Conditions: Dry

High Mileage

Benefits: Improved value. Less frequent purchases.
Trade-Offs: Higher initial purchase price. Traction levels may be decreased.
Type: Seasonal
Conditions: Dry


Benefits: Improved steering response. More control.
Trade-Offs: Less ride comfort in some cases. May have one
directional tread design.
Type: Seasonal
Conditions: Dry


Benefits: No change-over to traction pattern required under many
circumstances. Provides basic requirements of many consumers.
Trade-Offs: Traction is decreased in extreme conditions.
Type: All Season
Conditions: Wet or Dry

High Performance

Benefits: Stability at high speed.
Trade-Offs: Mileage received may decrease.
Type: Seasonal
Conditions: Dry

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