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Kal Tire's Web Site Visit Kal Tire's site for more information on our products and service.

Kal Tire has a variety of tires, wheels, and products to meet every tire requirement, regardless of vehicle type or driving conditions.

Please feel free to view the web sites of some of our manufacturers to find out why they are the best in today's marketplace. Have a look at the rest of our site, we have plenty of information on tire choices and the services we offer to commercial and non-commercial customers.


Michelin, the world leader in tire technology, has been driving major innovations in the industry for over 100 years. The Michelin Group of companies make tires for all types of vehicles: from bicycles to the space shuttle, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, earthmover equipment, buses, subway trains and aircraft. For more than a century, Michelin has remained loyal to the dual aim of its founders: product quality and quality of service to the customer. Please visit us at Michelin Canada.


Yokohama Rubber Company is the seventh largest tire manufacturer in the world. To meet the growing needs of the marketplace, Yokohama Rubber Company established a North American manufacturing and marketing arm - Yokohama Tire Corporation. Since its beginnings in 1969, Yokohama Tire Corporation has experienced enormous growth. Yokohama Tire Corporation maintains  manufacturing capabilities and distribution centers throughout the country, servicing a network of 4200 points of sale nationwide.


The Firestone tire company was founded in 1900 by Harvey S. Firestone who seized on a new way of making carriage tires. The Firestone tire was chosen by Henry Ford to be used on the first mass-produced automobiles in history. The Bridgestone Tire Company was founded in Japan in 1931. Bridgestone Tire quickly found a market in the United States and purchased Firestone in 1988. Bridgestone/Firestone tires have made performance history in the auto racing league.

Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres, PLC, is a Finnish company founded in 1865, in the city of Nokia, Finland. Today, Nokian Tyres specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of Passenger Automobile, Light Truck, Forestry, Industrial, Mining, Harbour and Bicycle tires along with tubes and retreading materials, for an ever expanding Global marketplace.


Over one hundred years' experience of tyre technology has enabled Pirelli to combine in their products maximum levels of security, longevity and comfort. With today's enhanced skills and an enthusiasm for driving, Pirelli engineers have been able to make vast steps forward. Each Pirelli tyre provides not only performance but also a "feel for the road" and a communication with the driver, allowing a better understanding of the vehicle's performance. In short, Pirelli makes your journey an enjoyable and trouble-free adventure.

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