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Terrace, Jan 5, 2003

Due to the dark wet days - we take you back 2 months . . . On a clear day you can see forever!

. . . ctrl-END, or scroll to see a TERRACE sunset.  
  • Kermode Net - Internet Crossroads for Northwest BC, CANADA. Based in Terrace BC, hub city of the BC Northwest, this portal serves the Skeena, Nass, and Stikine Watersheds, over 1/5th of British Columbia.
  • Community, business, First Nations, and tourism sites from Terrace and District, Kitimat, New Aiyansh, Gitwinksihlkw, Greenville, Prince Rupert, Smithers, Hazeltons, Kitwanga, Gitanyow, Gitsegukla, Stewart, Iskut, Dease Lake, Telegraph Creek.
  •   Regional news, weather, business, sports, arts, music, theatre and entertainment, classifieds, community organizations, clubs, government links. Search our archive of features and photo essays.
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    Dec 8, 2002 - Snow Shortages Plague Ski Resorts - only Ski Smithers open so far. see - top news
    Northwest Skiers among lucky few with snow, as all other resorts in BC suffer.

  • Caledonia annual musical packs house at REM LEE Theatre - Dec 7, 2002 see - top news for PHOTO SPECIAL of "State Fair"

    stf-850F stf-846F
    Some photos from the many entertaining scenes audiences enjoyed during this years version of that annual classic - The Caledonia Secondary School Musical.


    A big thank you from the ensemble to the teachers and volunteers. - Well done all. stf-857F

  • Municipal Elections Nov 16, 2002 - see top news

  • Community Band 20 Anniversary concert, REM Lee Nov 16, 2002: Terrace residents pay tribute to the founder - see top news for Photo Special.

    Terrace Community Band 20 Anniversary concert, REM Lee Nov 16, 2002 Terrace Community Band playing the James Ryan signature march - TRUE NORTH.

    below left: Mr Music collecting an award - "The name is Ryan - James Ryan" Mr Music himself - the name is Ryan - James Ryan Moderato

    Right: Robin Hollet
    conducting the combined
    forces of the community
    band and Moderato.

    Inverrary Flute & Harp Ensemble

    Cayley Western of Inverrary Flute & Harp

  • Remembrance 2002

    Laying of Wreaths at Centopath. Laying of Wreaths at Centopath.

    Remembrance day 2002 - Laying a wreath for the seniors
  • Lest We Forget - Remembrance Day Nov 11, 2002 - see our Photo Spread Remembrance Day 2002

    Cadets greeting participants at the Tillicum

  • ICY ROADS - Four accidents, Nov 5, 2002 - see Top News for story - "Quickshots Sidebar" for photos.

  • TERRACE ROTARY AUCTION Nov 2-3 - Thanks Terrace- also see photoessay

    Junior Firefighter Amelia Nystrom is pleased with the new truck

  • New Ladder Truck for Thornhill FD announced by Chief ART HILL, Nov 1, 2002 - see Top News for story

    A spectacular view from a lookout point in the general area of the proposed MUEHLE PARK

  • MUEHLE PARK - a Kermode Exclusive preview.
    - "a view from the gift"

  • ALL-CANDIDATES DEBATE NOV 5, 2002 for TERRACE COUNCIL, SCHOOL BOARD - Event starts at 7pm the R.E.M. Lee Theatre. Come early for seat, no live TV coverage - see Top News for story

  • TSO Hallowe'en Concert Oct 26, 2002 - visit for photoessay, or the main site to learn more about our Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Michael Wen conducting the TSO with 3 arms

    Above: Thornhill Junior Firefighter, Amelia Nystrom, proudly showing off the new Truck
    Right: Meastro Micheal Wen, astounds fans and musicians alike with the first documented 3-armed performance by a conductor of a major Symphony to the enjoyment of hundreds of fans at The Terrace Symphony(TSO) Season Opening Concert. Check out the photoessay to see yet more TSO innovations revolutionizing orchestral performances world-wide.

    Cross this bridge to return someday!

    ... Wishing you a good day from Terrace - whether leaving by road, rail, air or cyberspace we wish you a safe journey - come visit again - the Kermode staff

    Tune into CFNR Classic Rock Saturday morning
    ADD my sale

    CFNR LIVE!!!
    ...CFNR LIVE!!!
    Vancouver Canucks hockey broadcasts from CFNR & Kermode Net

    Nov 29 game Final

  • 10th in row!

  • Weather for Terrace
    Air Quality Road Report Space Weather Welcomes
    Prince George's portal & webzine
    Northern BC's other major
    Portal - Prince George's NETBISTRO

    Cross this bridge to return someday!

    ... Wishing you a good day from Terrace - whether leaving by road, rail, air or cyberspace we wish you a safe journey - come visit again - the Kermode staff


      Are you a breast cancer survivor, and looking for something to do? . . . CLICK HERE

    • Are you the parent you want to be? The Parent Support Circle may be able to help. Confidential self-help. Ewa at 635-0664.
    • Youth Opportunities, 4639 Lazelle, non-profit agency offering free employment and education for youth. Phone 635-3812.
    • Seniors Tai Chi, internal martial art and fitness system emphasizing harmony, balance, suppleness and good health. Happy Gang Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:45 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. Marge at 638-6364.
    • Youth Opportunities is a non-profit agency offering free employment and education for youth. 635-3812
    • Adult Mentors needed for a pilot project at a local school. Volunteers spend one hour a week with a student during the school day. Lois at Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Terrace 635-4232.
    • Kermode Net welcomes The Terrace Volunteer Bureau and Seniors' Information Access home page.
    • Looking for a fishy experience . . . Community News
    • The Terrace Community Band invites all adults with previous wind or percussion experience to phone Wayne at 635-4294.
    Terrace Crime Stoppers 635-TIPS
    Child Find 1-800-387-7962

    On a clear day you can see forever! ... Wishing you a good day from Terrace - come visit again - the Kermode staff

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    Snow Shortage still plagues Ski Resorts - Dec 8, 2002
    Caledonia musical "State Fair" another great Success - Dec 7, 2002
    Nov 16, 2002, Talstra returned as Mayor - also 4 incumbent councillors
    Terrace Community Band celebrates 20th anniversary in style

    Sports News
    BC Summer Games – Nanaimo, August 1-4, 2002
    Terrace's Wade Balbirnie tops King of the Mountain Footrace
    Riverboat Days 2002: Beach Blast Volleyball "2"
    Riverboat Days 2002: 2nd Annual Street Hockey Challenge

    Community News
    Skeena Valley Fall Fair wrap-up . . . Exhibitors: Claim your prizes
    Don't miss the Fair . . . Get a FREE RIDE!
    TROOPER: CFNR Classic Rock memories
    Riverboat Days 2002

    Bulletin d’information de l’école Francophone Jack Cook
    Clarence Michiel Report-April
    Clarence Michiel Report - February 2002

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