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The Centre for Leadership and Technology
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What does our facility offer you?

Spacious, Air Conditioned Rooms.

Well Lit Comfortable atmosphere.

The facilities have full internet access, high speed lines, satellite access, and state of the art technology linking Terrace to the World!

Hospitality is customized to your needs!!

Conference Room Rental > seats 20-25 people comfortable in a variety of seating configurations.

  • Rental Rates
    • Full Day = $100.00 plus use of equipment and hospitality
    • Half Day = $75.00 plus use of equipment and hospitality

Smaller Meeting Room > seats up to eight people

  • $50.00 per full day.

The centre has a full range of equipment to enhance your meeting:

  • Power point Projector
  • Large Screen TV and VCR
  • Six station computer lab
    • Internet Access
  • Overhead Projector and Screens
    • I - Link Technology
    • Internet Access

f-pic01.jpg (14472 bytes)With flexible hours of operation, the centre is open to meet your needs.  We're open evenings, weekends, holidays, as well as weekdays

Call us to book your meeting today!
(250) 638-6035


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