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The University of British Columbia presents Executive Programmes

logo-ubc.gif (1019 bytes)The Centre for Leadership and Technology in partnership with the University of British Columbia bring to you the Executive Programmes. Managers professionals and business leaders are now able to take advantage of these high value management and leadership training experiences that produce results in the work place. Executive Programmes seminar offerings reflect these two key result areas. Management Development programs impart knowledge and essential skills that enhance individual and functional area effectiveness and productivity. Strategic Organizational Development programs develop analytical, planning and implementation skills that enable individuals to chart a course and lead their organizations into the future. From human resources to corporate strategy, leadership development to financial operations, we ensure that you take away the most current information available to help you manage and grow your business. We are dedicated to adding value to your learning experience and to providing the information, skills and ideas you need to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The seminar programmes range in length from 2-5 days.


Up coming UBC Executive seminar programs:

Personal Communication Skills for Managers

Essential Management Skills

Management Skills for Technical Professionals

Presentation Power

Strategic Dynamics of Negotiations

The Skillful Negotiator

Financial Statement Analysis For The Non-Accountant

Effective Grievance Handling

Strategic Marketing

Leading High Performance Work Teams

The Creative Leader


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