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Marketing Management For Non-Marketing Managers

This seminar provides non-marketing managers with an overview of marketing and how it impacts overall business strategy.  The objective is to enable you to participate more fully in the marketing efforts of your organization.

By attending this seminare, you will:

  • develop a better understanding of marketing and how it affects business strategy.

  • become more fluent with the key concepts, planning needs, activities, language and tools of marketing.

  • bring a more customer-focused, market-driven emphasis to your activities.

  • gain insights into your customers' perspective.

Seminare Topics:

  • Corporate strategy and the role of marketing.

  • Customer focus:   marketings' impact on the organization.

  • Developing marketing direction:  market and corporate analysis, setting measurable objectives.

  • Positioning and the marketing mix:  market segmentation, targeting, niche markets, "the 4 P's".

  • A perspective on industrial marketing.

  • Developing a marketing communications strategy:  positioning, analysis of features vs. benefits.

  • Delivering the message:   mass vs. direct marketing, media advertising, collateral materials, achieving synergy.

  • Public, community and media relations.

  • Market research.


Date:  October 26 and 27, 1998.
Price:  $600.00 per seat.

Seats are limited.  Contact the Centre for Leadership and Technology for further information.


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