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DIGI-240 Digital
(80hrs) 5 credits

An introduction to digital logic concepts. Topics include: conversion between and the arithmetic manipulation of the various numbering systems commonly used in digital representation using binary codes, Boolean algebraic theorems and postulates, combinational logic gates, the design and implementation of combinational logic circuits, flip-flops, latches, registers and concludes with counter analysis. Labs are supplement the theory by using basic circuitry to illustrate operational and analytical concepts.

Dates are still being finalized for the above mentioned seminar. Call the Centre for Leadership and Technology for further information.


Course offerings beginning September 7, 1998 at the Centre for Leadership and Technology:

Comm-238 Technical Communications

Electrical Principles-244

Math-235 Mathematics for Technology I

CADD-211 AutoCad I and II

DIGI-240 Digital


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