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What is Access Technologies?

logo-sait.gif (793 bytes)Welcome to Access Technologies. The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is the coordinating institute for ACCESS TECHNOLOGIES. There are 15 host organizations who support the distance delivery method, including the Centre for Leadership and Technology. Access Technologies will provide the equivalent of one year of study toward a two-year engineering technology program. The second year of your Engineering Technology program will be completed in courses which utilize the extensive facilities and equipment of the SAIT campus in Calgary. Up to fifteen engineering technologies programs are made available to you in your community utilizing a combination of on-line instruction and print materials.

The Centre for Leadership and Technology (CLT) in partnership with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) are pleased to offer you the Access Technologies program which is designed for learners who, for one reason or another find it difficult to persue a diploma on campus full time, through the normal day program stream. Access Technology is a new and flexible way to a career as a Engineering Technologist.

Our strength lies in our ability to effectively combine learning technology with a team of professional instructors and on-site student coordinators dedicated to support learning in your community.

How do I know if I Qualify?

With a few educational prerequisites, an innovative prior learning assessment process, and professional accreditation after completion, this program offers all the necessary components for your success.

The Programs:

ACCESS TECHNOLOGIES will enable you to complete the first year of one of the following programs through distance delivery:

  • Aeronautical Engineering Technology
  • Applied Technology Studies
  • Building Mechanical Systems Technology
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Chemical Engineering Technology
  • Computer Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Engineering Design and Draft Technology
  • Industrial Instrumentation Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Operations Management Technology
  • Petroleum Engineering Technology
  • Wood Processing Technology

How to register:

Call or visit the Centre for Leadership and Technology, deadline June 30, 1998


Course offerings beginning September 7, 1998 at the Centre for Leadership and Technology:

Comm-238 Technical Communications

Electrical Principles-244

Math-235 Mathematics for Technology I

CADD-211 AutoCad I and II

DIGI-240 Digital


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