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  Tribal Council and Board of Governance Development from an Aboriginal Perspective

This program will examine the issues surrounding the business of governing an Aboriginal community or organization. It will show you how to structure and manage your governing board, council or committee for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and will help you improve your governing body's decision making. After attending this program, you will be able to develop a board, council or committee that is more accountable to your community or organization. This is something that is more important today than ever before as Aboriginal leaders are being faced with such crucial issues as self-governance, accelerated change within their organizations, land claims agreements, the dismantling of the Department of Indian Affairs Canada and the increased involvement of the Provinces in Aboriginal affairs. Whether your organization is involved in Tribal, Metis or Inuit affairs, economic or social development, and/or profit or not-for-profit enterprises, you will benefit greatly from this program.

February 22-26, 1999


The Centre for Leadership and Technology is offering the following mandatory core courses for 1998-1999

Leadership and Management Development for Seniors Executives and Managers in Aboriginal Governments

Crown/First Nation Negotiations and Dispute Resolution.

Tribal Council and Board of Governance Development from an Aboriginal Perspective

Effective Financial Management Control and Accountability in Aboriginal Governance


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