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  Effective Financial Management Control and Accountability in Aboriginal Governance

This program will examine one of the key Aboriginal governance matter: that is, financial control and accountability within Aboriginal communities. Aboriginal leaders will learn how to be financially responsible to thier members through the application of good, sound financial management systems. They will examine a variety of important financial topics, such as the principles of a good financial audit; methods for reporting financial results to the membership at large; the hallmarks of an efficient and publicly accountable internal financial administration system: and the checks and balances that must be in place to prevent costly overruns or deficit situations. This program will also look at public finance from the federal and provincial governments' perspectives. Topics covered in this context include the various type of transfer payments from the public purse: intergovernmental equalization payments and the Aboriginal interest: and the new system of block funding to the provinces for social expenditures in the fields of education, health, social assistance, child welfare and income security.

April 12-16, 1999


The Centre for Leadership and Technology is offering the following mandatory core courses for 1998-1999

Leadership and Management Development for Seniors Executives and Managers in Aboriginal Governments

Crown/First Nation Negotiations and Dispute Resolution.

Tribal Council and Board of Governance Development from an Aboriginal Perspective

Effective Financial Management Control and Accountability in Aboriginal Governance


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